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All sales of this song from Nov 6 thru Nov 12, 2012, will be donated to Splash, to help provide clean drinking water to the poverty-stricken.




Crystal snowfall
I'm watching my breath float
I'm feeling the coldness,
the silence between
me and you

In my mind's eye, I see you
way back when -- with spring goo --
before men could make icicles of me
me and you

Now I need icebreakers. When the boys start to come
I need icebreakers. When the siren has sung,
I'm that heartbreaker on the wave breakers,
and I broke your trust
Somehow I broke your trust

You think I don't care
You say I'm never there
I'm off in Winter Wonderland
Do my trembles show?
I'm left to drifts of snow
without the guidance of your hand

How could you tell me I don't love you? (I love you)
Have I truly earned your blame?
Well, maybe you have been the Ice Queen
But then, I'm melting in your flame
Will you burn me again?

You're my heartbreaker when the boys start to come
You're my heartbreaker. When the siren has sung,
you're that heartbreaker on the wave breakers,
and you broke my trust
So much broken trust

But never did I aim to hurt you
I couldn't love you any more than I have done
Never will I ever desert you,
but can you love me for who I've become?
Have faith in me
Trust in your worth
A new season awaits rebirth

A time of no icebreakers
No more heartbreakers on the wave breakers
No more icebreakers
And no broken trust
No more broken trust

By the fire in your eyes,
from the ashes we'll rise, heartbreaker
You're the light of my life
Bring the dawn unto night,


from The Hare (Side B of "The Hound & The Hare), track released September 5, 2012




Kara McGraw San Francisco, California

Making the world a better place, one song at a time.

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