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All sales of this song from Oct 23 thru 29, 2012, will be donated to Creative Visions.

Creative Visions' Objective:
To provide tools, resources, mentorship and community to help creative activists use the power of media and arts to build social movements and impact the world




When you entered the room
He fell into a swoon
By the light of the moon it was clear

He held you with his eyes,
filled with shadows and lies, the air
thick with excitement and fear

What a sardonic streak!
But you make him feel weak
It's a feeling you know all too well

When he asks for your lips, girl,
I'm telling you this:
all this hotness may hint of some hell

Oh Carolina
He's not the one for you
He will only bring you trouble
Yes, the bad boys always do!

Oh Carolina
I know you want him too
But if you give an inch to drama
it will steal away with you

Exhibit 2:
He's as quirky as you
So distracted, he moves like squirrel

Yet you're strangely intrigued
He is layered and sweet
He needs a girl who can center his world

When you entered his room
you were struck by the fumes
so you picked up a broom to begin

Though the clutter inside
is the state of his mind,
you still claim there's a space you'll fit in

Oh Carolina
You know what you must do
How's this boy to understand you
if you know he has low EQ?

Oh Carolina
I know you're feeling blue
You laugh and say you feed on drama
but we both know that it eats at you.

The next one will be deep, but
he's moody and he yells
The next one's rarely happy
'cause he thinks you're bound for hell
Another one you'll fool with
'cause your loneliness he quells

Carolina, it's time to interject
Carolina, where is your self-respect?

Oh Carolina
Though we know it's not a crime,
those who give their lives to drama
can expect to do some time

Oh Carolina
We all get what we are due
So decide what you deserve and
the rest will come to you


from The Hound (Side A of "The Hound & The Hare), track released September 25, 2012




Kara McGraw San Francisco, California

Making the world a better place, one song at a time.

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